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Having great water has never been so affordable!

Take advantage of these great, limited-time special offers:

  1. Buy a Culligan Water Softener and get up to $300 off.
  2. Get an Under-The-Sink Drinking Water System for just $9.95/Month for the first 3 months.
  3. Trade-in/Upgrade your current Water Softener System with free installation by a Certified Culligan Water Technician.
*These offers & discounts apply to new customers and new equipment only. Only one offer per sale.

Trust Your Local Water Experts

We're here for you:

Culligan has been treating the water needs of the the Four Corners area since 1948! We’re dedicated to making your water better using superior equipment at great prices, coupled with the best service.

We're Family Owned:

Our team works in the local area and we're a family owned and operated business.

We offer an unbeatable guarantee:

Our equipment is backed by a 30-day money-back, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which gives you peace of mind.

Our warranty:

Most Culligan equipment comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring you can enjoy better water for a long time.

How you get better water:

  1. Fill out the form below with your contact information.
  2. One of our friendly Culligan Water Experts will call or email you to set up a time to stop by your home.
  3. While at your home we’ll test your water and let you know what’s in your water and what options you have to treat it.
  4. If you decide you can benefit from a Water Softener, Drinking Water System, or Water Filtration, we’ll then schedule your installation.
  5. When it’s time to replace your filters, fill you up with salt, or perform maintenance to ensure years of smooth operation, we’ll let you know.
  6. We promise you the whole experience will be No hassle, No pressure, and No obligation.

Take advantage now before it’s too late…

What our clients say

It’s a Good Product!

Gary J.   

Very Prompt and Thorough. Water quality has improved noticeably.

Willard H.   

There is always great tasting water. Service is fast, excellent, and efficient!

Jim F.   

World's Most Efficient Culligan Smart HE RO Drinking Water System 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Worlds most efficient NSF Certification | Westwood Culligan UL Certified Company in Farmington NM; Aztec NM; Bloomfield NM; Taos NM; Durango CO Water Quality Association Tested and Certified Under Industry Standards